Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hello Gorgeous . . .

Thank you, Dutch Venture Publishing and Jen Minkman. 

Ster van Acht Blog Tour!

The blog tour for Ster van Acht has officially started thanks to Dutch Venture Publishing! 
There's an awesome giveaway, so follow along!

Kijk in de lijst hieronder waar alle tour stops zijn voor de Ster van Acht blogtour die in september en oktober plaatsvindt!

1 september: Denise Michelle Pol – recensie +  playlist & picturelist + giveaway (aparte post)  http://www.confessionsofaserialreadersite.wordpress.com/
2 september: Ivette Amesz – recensie + giveaway http://ivettemeteeni.blogspot.nl/
3 september: Kimberly Roeland – giveaway https://www.facebook.com/bookish.court/
4 september: Kimberley Buildmaster – interview http://deboekentrommel.nl/
5 september: Selina Spanhaak – recensie http://selinablogt.nl/
6 september: Monica Haak – recensie + giveaway http://www.myperfectbooklife.blogspot.nl
7 september: Kimberly Roeland – meet the character https://www.facebook.com/bookish.court/
8 september: Emmy van Ruijven – interview http://www.zonenmaan.net
9 september: Cisz Strasters – unboxing https://www.facebook.com/thebookbabecisz/
10 september: Conny Schelvis – recensie + giveaway https://conniesboekkies.wordpress.com/
11 september: Kimberly Roeland – unboxing https://www.facebook.com/bookish.court/
12 september: Caroline Kuiper – recensie + giveaway https://mustreadsornot.com/
13 september: Bianca Brummelhuis – recensie + giveaway http://drukinkt.net/
14 september: Kimberly Roeland – meet the character 2 https://www.facebook.com/bookish.court/
15 september: Saphira Keurhorst – recensie + giveaway https://bookloversaphira.wordpress.com/
16 september: Selina Spanhaak – giveaway http://selinablogt.nl/
17 september: Sarah Del Ben – recensie + giveaway http://booksandteacorner.wordpress.com 
18 september: Kimberly Roeland – playlist https://www.facebook.com/bookish.court/
19 september: Vivian Van Leeuwen – recensie + giveaway http://www.thebookreview.nl
20 september: Lisa Ter Maat recensie + giveaway https://roseandbooks.wordpress.com/
21 september: Danielle Mertens – recensie https://daniellesboekenhoek.wordpress.com/
22 september: Nakita P Veltman – recensie + giveaway http://nakitaslibrary.wordpress.comen Charissa Belonje – recensie + giveaway http://www.bluemoon13.nl/
23 september: Danielle Mertens – giveaway https://daniellesboekenhoek.wordpress.com/
24 september: Linda Kwakernaat – recensie + giveaway https://www.linda-linea-recta.nl/
25 september: Kimberly Roeland – Recensie https://www.facebook.com/bookish.court/
26 september: Meaghann Baeken – recensie + giveaway https://quillscene.wordpress.com/
27 september: Selina Spanhaak – cover reveal http://selinablogt.nl/
28 september: An Boekenvirus – recensie + giveaway https://boekenvirus.wordpress.com/
29 september: Saphira Keurhorst – recensie + giveaway https://bookloversaphira.wordpress.com/
30 september: Danielle Mertens – interview over de andere boeken van Jennifer Murgia https://daniellesboekenhoek.wordpress.com/
1 oktober: Saskia Boree – recensie + giveaway https://sjmschrijft.wordpress.com/
2 oktober: Chantal De Vries – interview over de inspiratie uit andere YA-boeken http://www.coffeendcookie.nl
3 oktober: Diane Kooistra – recensie + giveaway http://www.facebook.com/dianesboekenhoekje
4 oktober: Chelsey Broekhoven – recensie + giveaway https://leesmeemetmij.wordpress.com/
5 oktober: Dominique Mackaaij – recensie + giveaway https://thunderstruckbooks.wordpress.com
6 oktober: Jeanine Feunekes – recensie + giveaway http://perfecteburenleesclub.blogspot.n

Friday, August 11, 2017


Here's the latest on the Dutch release of ANGEL STAR 
 releasing as STER VAN ACHT on October 9, 2017!

Can I just say how in love I am with the cover wraparound? 
It's stunning!

The book is available for Pre-Order on:
 Amazon (Kindle eBook version) HERE
Google Play HERE
iBooks HERE


You can download the FREE Prequel, RIJK DER ZIELEN (THE BLISS - USA edition)

Amazon (Kindle eBook) HERE
Google Play HERE
iBooks HERE 

AND . . .

If you're looking for a preview of Ster Van Acht, then check out the first few pages on Sweek!

The official Blog Tour is coming soon, so keep checking back!

Monday, June 5, 2017


In 2010, my YA debut, ANGEL STAR, released in the US from Lands Atlantic Publishing and has since been published in Germany, Poland, and Hungary. I'm so happy to announce that foreign rights have been sold to Dutch Venture Publishing and my book will be available for the Dutch Market in October 2017! I can't tell you how amazing it is to know my book will soon be on shelves in The Netherlands, and I get to work with the incredible Jen Minkman (who rocks!).

Until then . . .

Here is the cover reveal and official web listing!

Ster van acht – Jennifer Murgia


De zeventienjarige Teagan heeft al sinds haar kindertijd beangstigende dromen. Schaduwen slaan haar elke nacht gade vanuit de hoek van haar slaapkamer. Als ze op school nieuwkomer Garreth rond moet leiden, valt ze – net als alle andere meiden in haar klas – als een blok voor hem. Ze kan haar geluk niet op als Garreth alleen oog voor haar lijkt te hebben, maar waarom heeft ze tegelijkertijd het gevoel dat de schaduw die haar bedreigt steeds dichterbij komt? En wat heeft de achtpuntige ster die Garreth in de huid van zijn handpalm heeft staan met haar eigen lotsbestemming te maken..?
Een heerlijk romantisch YA paranormalverhaal voor fans van Twilight en Fallen.
ISBN: 9789492585042
prijs: 17,95
uitgave: paperback en eboek

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I know, I know . . . it's not even summer yet, but I can't help wishing for Fall because something exciting will hit shelves -- um, not here -- but abroad! My 2010 debut YA, ANGEL STAR (Lands Atlantic Publishing) has been acquired by Dutch Venture Publishing! 
*insert the happy here!* 
That's right <3 ANGEL STAR will be available for the Dutch market and I get to work with the amazing Jen Minkman (she's super awesome, by the way). As soon as the cover reveal gets the green light, I'll be sure to share it here! Until then, go check out Dutch Venture Publishing because they have some awesome books!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

YA FEST 2017!

It's almost YA FEST time!

Thinking about going to YA FEST 2017? You really don't want to miss it. 
It's seriously going to be the best fest yet! 

40 Young Adult authors.
Raffles (so many books donated by publishers nationwide).
And books, BOOKS, BOOKS!

Plus, this year is the 1st Annual Teen Writers & Artists Golden Ticket Event, a special first-time ever pre-event for teens only. Oh, did I mention that during the Golden Ticket event the one and only Sunshine Girl herself, Paige McKenzie will be joining us via Skype? Mhm. . . 

These are just a handful of authors joining us. For the full line up visit the official YA FEST site!

It's also that amazing time of year when my house begins to look like a bookstore as I collect all of the spectacular titles we're so anxious for you to win!
Make sure you mark it on your calendar and visit www.yafest.org for more info!

YA FEST 2017
1-3 pm
Easton Area Public Library's Palmer Branch
1 Weller Pl. Easton, PA 18045

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Congratulations to Yvonne & Brandee! 
You've each won copies of FOREST OF WHISPERS and CASTLE OF SIGHS! 
Thank you to everyone who shared the blog hop and giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway