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Navigating traditional publishing is hard— as a published author, editor, and intern with a top NYC agency, I’ve seen it all and know what you have to do to nab the attention of a top agent with your query!

Are you ready to bring your book to life? Make it stronger? Catch the eye of an agent or editor? Whether you're a first-time author ready to pursue your personal publishing journey, or a seasoned author in need of extra help to make your manuscript shine, think of me as your "book doctor".

With careful attention to detail, I focus on content development, line edits, and the ever-elusive "voice". I will offer feedback for character arcs, continuity, pacing, and will polish your manuscript to make it submission-ready, whether you choose traditional or self-publishing.

Need help with those tricky Query Letters or a Synopsis? Let me structure your submission materials to help them stand out from the "slush pile". 

As a published Young Adult author with 10+ years experience and 5 published YA novels, my biggest love is writing. I have experience in both traditional and self-publishing. My credentials include a 2014 Moonbeam Children's Literature Award, and a listing as a School Library Journal HOT TITLE.   
I am the founder and coordinator of a successful YA book festival called YA FEST PA, which has been running strong since 2012, and was the marketing director for Leap Books. I'm currently completing an internship for a NYC-based literary agency, and work as a freelance editorial associate for an amazing ghost writer—In other words, my entire world revolves around books and writing!

I pay close attention to detail and work hard to make your manuscript the best it can be. I'm also fun to work with and always accessible!


Query Critique: $25 flat fee
- includes line editing
- addressing any questions from the author
- includes second pass after edits

Query/ Synopsis Bundle: $50 flat fee
- includes line editing
- includes second pass after edits

First 20 Pages: $30 flat fee
- includes feedback and edits

First 50 Pages: $50 flat fee
- includes feedback and edits

First 100 Pages: $100 flat fee
- includes feedback and edits 

Proofreading: $250 flat fee
- grammatical/punctuation correction only

Full Manuscript Critique: .01/per word
- reader report with suggested revisions

Full Manuscript Critique & Line Edits: .02/per word
- includes reader report with suggested revisions
- line edits
- developmental edits
- focus on voice, characters, pacing, continuity, grammar and punctuation
- in-text comments via track changes

All payments will go through PayPal. 


“Jen is absolutely the BEST editor you could have, hands-down. She has helped take all my projects to the next level. I won’t send a project in to my editors in NY without getting her stamp of approval first!” — Cyn Balog, author of 9 YA novels with Random House, Harlequin, and Sourcebooks

"Jennifer Murgia has a passion and talent for story. As an editorial intern, she has proven herself to be extremely capable of analyzing manuscripts to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Her editorial notes are in depth and clearly explain what isn’t working and what might strengthen the story. Her sharp editorial eyes are able to spot plot holes, stilted dialogue, inconsistencies in character development, issues with voice, and pacing problems, as well as many other aspects of writing. She’s also quite skilled at line editing and quick to catch overused words and phrases, grammar mistakes, and formatting errors. Additionally, her work ethic is impeccable and she always delivers by the date promised. In essence, she has been both a joy to work with and a highly prized asset. I highly recommend her services to any writer wanting to better their craft and bring their manuscript to that next level."  —  Marlo Berliner, Associate Agent, The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency  

“Jennifer’s feedback on my YA manuscript helped strengthen weak areas and build a more concrete storyline for the overall plot.  I’ll definitely use her services in the future!” 
 — Ashley Supinski

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